Pricing and how to buy

Jelly Drops aren't available in any retail stores and we're online only, but getting started with an order is super easy. 

Jelly Drops can be purchased as and when you need them and there are approximately 9 drops housed in an individual flavor pack. Individual packs are not currently available for purchase but are available in 2 different multipack formats:

A 21x pack (berry flavors only) is $44.10 plus $9.99 shipping
A 42x pack (mixed flavors) is $79.80 plus $9.99 shipping


The best value way to purchase Jelly Drops is through a subscription. When subscribed, you will receive a 42x pack at a discounted price at your choice of interval and redeem a free 2x pack sample. 

Subscriptions are completely flexible and you are in full control - you can edit or cancel your plan at any time, we don't mind. Read more about subscriptions here.

A 42x pack of Jelly Drops (mixed flavors) as part of a subscription is $69.30 plus $9.99 shipping

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