How do I cancel my subscription?

Our subscription plans are totally flexible without any minimum terms and you can cancel at any time. We understand.

To cancel, contact us or head to your Jelly Drops online account. 

  1. Login to your account then select ‘Reschedule, pause or cancel this subscription’ from the Manage Subscriptions tab.
  2. At the bottom of that page select 'Cancel or pause subscription'.
  3. Either select to pause the subscription for a period of time or click 'Cancel subscription' to cancel entirely.
  4. Please select the most appropriate reason for wishing to cancel (the more feedback you can provide the better!) and click 'Next'. The cancellation won't be complete until you click the final box confirming to 'Cancel my subscription' and you can expect to receive a confirmation email. 

Please note that cancelling a subscription does not automatically cancel any orders that have already been charged for. If you have received an order confirmation email and need to cancel, please contact us as quickly as possible. We dispatch orders fast and cannot guarantee cancellation. 

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