Is there a recommended daily intake?

Jelly Drops are perfect to have as dessert, with dessert, or to snack on throughout the day!

A serving size is based on the amount of food you typically would consume in one sitting and with this in mind, that's 1 individual flavor selection pack.

One of these servings contains 1.67 oz of water (water content may vary slightly over shelf life).


As with many health foods and unlike prescribed medicines, they do not have a set dosage and individuals are able to decide how many servings they wish to consume alongside other food and drink in their diet.

We have set the B Vitamin levels in our new Jelly Drops following extensive consultation with nutrition and healthcare experts. B vitamins are important for making sure the body's cells are working properly, by helping convert food into energy. Each single pack contains 15% of the Nutritional Reference Value (NRV) of B6, 20% of B12 and 10% of B9. This allows for you to receive a significant boost in your vitamin intake, while still being able to comfortably eat multiple packs in a day without reaching upper recommended limits.

Each single pack contains 0.28 mg of Vitamin B6, 24 μg of Vitamin B9, and 0.50 μg of Vitamin B12. The NHS recommends that you should have no more than 200mg of B6 each day and no more than 1mg of B9, both far above what you’d receive even if you had dozens of packs, or if you ate a regular amount alongside existing sources of vitamins. The NHS currently does not recommend an upper limit for B12.

As everyone is unique and has their own individual health requirements, if you have any questions or concerns, we recommend checking with your relevant medical professional.

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